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Parish Faith Formation for Children (Previously known as CCD or Catechism)
St. Callistus Parish values the importance of each person.  It takes seriously the mandate of Jesus to
spread the Good News and to continue his mission on earth.  St. Callistus Parish provides a
Formation Program
for the children of the parish from preschool to eight grade.  The teaching of the
; the Traditions of the Church, and Church teachings at appropriate levels, form the bases of this
program.  Realizing that faith formation is a life long process, the parish cherishes the importance of family,
and parish working together in passing on the values, beliefs, and traditions of the Catholic Faith, and the
continual nurturing and nourishing of that faith by prayer and the sacraments.

2013-2014 Faith Formation School Year:
Why register early? There are many reasons. Here are two to get you started:
  • You won’t have to worry about missing the late summer rush.
  • Every family whose paid registration is received by June 15th will receive a $10 discount on the first
    child registered!

Faith Formation is an important part of raising our children as Catholic Christians. Make sure your child is
registered. (Forms are on the back tables in church.)

From September through May - Grades K through 8th.

Day:        Saturday
Time:        9:30 am - 10:45 am (Sept-May)
Registration:        During the month of August

For more information, please call Ron Asuncion, Director (510) 222-2538
St. Callistus also provides Children's Liturgy of the Word for 4-6 year olds during the 10:00 Mass each
Sunday.  Children are invited to the classroom at the beginning of Mass to share the Sunday Scripture at a
level they will understand.
Children's Liturgy of the Word
RCIA: The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
The RCIA is a process for welcoming adult newcomers (inquirers) into the Roman Catholic Church.  This
process of full initiation is adapted to meet the needs of men and women who are:
  • Not baptized
  • Baptized in the Roman Catholic Church, but who have not completed their sacraments, or who have
    not been practicing their faith and need to develop a relationship with God that is alive and active.
  • Baptized in another Christian church and who now seek full membership in the Roman Catholic
    Church and need further instruction.
St. Callistus is proud to have a Director of RCIA and a committed team of Catechists.  This team of church
members are responsible for the candidates' instruction in the teaching of Jesus Christ and the Church.  
Members must possess:
  • knowledge of the materials to be covered
  • a morally sound character
  • dedication to the Christian service
  • ability to relate well to adults
  • commitment to finding the best methods for helping candidates learn

Parishioners are also invited to help with instruction by sharing their faith with candidates.  If you feel called
to this ministry in the Church, please contact the Parish Office (510) 223-1153
RCIC: Rite of Christian Initiation of Children Program & Team
The RCIC, is a process of welcoming children and teenagers from 7 to 17 years of age into full and active
membership of the Roman Catholic Church.  The RCIC process is for children and young people who have
not yet been baptized.  For further information
please call Ron Asuncion, Director (510) 222-2538
Catechists and Volunteer Helpers
Catechists enable their students to understand the challenging teachings of Jesus, so as to lead them
along the road to conversion.  Catechists enable the children to form relationships with God in a community
which reflects freedom and an appreciation of all God's creatures and creation.

It is through the generosity and self-sacrifice of volunteer Catechists and helpers that the St. Callistus Parish
Faith Formation Program continues to operate.  Training is made available at St. Callistus for Catechists and
those who are interested in sharing their time and talent in the important ministry of: forming, informing, and
transforming the children of the parish to authentically live lives of Christian faith, dignity, and human

For further information, please call Ron Asuncion, Director (510) 222-2538
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